Getting to Know Me, Myself, and I

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Getting to Know Me, Myself, and I

by Dr. Tonee Collins-Lloyd

Getting to Know Me, Myself, and I is a map to follow as you encounter your developmental mountains of self-awareness. It offers some tools to utilize as you make this journey. It is a theory based on putting your life into three categories: The me or what is inside you that only you are mindful of which is your history. The I who is the external you and is portrayed as others see you and myself, who is the real you and authentic you that you choose to be.

                  Getting to Know Me, Myself, and I allows you to take time to find out who you are in the present and have the choice to stay the same, change it, or get rid of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It is the acknowledgment that you are in control of you.



Dr. Tonee Collins-Lloyd has a Ph.D. in Human Services/Clinical Social Work. Diligence, dedication, compassion, and integrity are a few ways to describe her work ethic and values. Her therapy model is eclectic and includes Cognitive, Reality, Here and Now, Client-Centered, and Structural Family Therapies.     

                  Dr. Collins-Lloyd provides services to adults. The purpose of her social work is to assist individuals in changing their lives by applying the roles of therapist, mediator, advocate, and consultant. Social workers are "social change agents" who are developed through education, social work ethics, values, professional experiences, and practice wisdom. Dr. Collins-Lloyd  is a change agent who believes in empowering others through her abilities to lead, encourage, support, and teach.


(2022, paperback, 34 pages)


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