From Prosperity to Adversity

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From Prosperity to Adversity
By: Curtis L. Sangster


About the Book


A prisoner, addict, ex-Marine, and now a devout Christian, Curtis L. Sangster has made his share of mistakes in life. Inspired to enter the U.S. Military by his father, an Army veteran, Curtis L. Sangster got in top-notch shape and joined the Marine Corps. He assumed he was physically and mentally prepared to serve his country and to face any battle. To his surprise, during Operation Eastern Exit—the January 1991 military evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia—Sangster realized that although he was physically prepared, he wasn’t mentally prepared. His emotions were in overdrive, and he missed his family, his girlfriend, and his home.
In this memoir, Sangster chronicles with admirable candor his astonishing life story which involves a troubled childhood, drug addiction, compulsive sexual behavior, a dishonorable discharge, and a prison term. Now a born-again Christian, Sangster reflects on his life and how overcoming psychological trauma changed it for the better.


About the Author


Curtis L. Sangster was born in Brownsville, Tennessee, where he graduated from Haywood High School in 1989.  He followed his father’s footsteps by joining the military. As a Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, Curtis L. Sangster served in the 1st Persian Gulf War from 1990-1991 and received several decorations and awards before his bad choices ruined his promising military career. Sangster is now a born-again Christian serving time at Catawba Correctional Center in North Carolina, where he is being transformed back into society with a better sense of judgment. His current release date is November 17, 2021. Sangster’s mission is to reach out to today’s at-risk youth, so his mistakes won’t become their mistakes.


(2022, paperback, 112 pages)


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