For the Love of God

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For the Love of God

An Approach to Peace, Coexistence, Community, and Truth

by Tony Antonellis


Tony Antonellis’s mother always told him he should never discuss religion in public, but he believes we all need to be talking about religion a whole lot more. In a world marked and divided by countless religious sects, in which differences are perceived as more important than similarities, For the Love of God calls for all humans to come together under the one thing that connects us all: God. Through a deep and thought-provoking analysis of the world’s greatest religions, Antonellis puts forth his theory of “God-centeredness,” a pluralistic, open-ended understanding that is appropriate to humanity’s finite reality.

About the Author

Tony Antonellis was born into an Italian-American and French-American family. Over the course of his career, he has worked as a chef, a tractor-trailer driver, and for Polaroid before becoming a social worker. He graduated from Eastern Nazarene College and has always had an interest in religion.


(2021, paperback, 118 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review