Exhale...Breathe Again

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Exhale…Breathe Again

by Mary Tolbert Coy

About the Book

Through this memoir of her life, Mary Tolbert Coy relates her personal experiences and her reflections on humanity. She hereby explores those life experiences which can affect people regardless of race or status. Through the lessons and tools provided in this book, Coy hopes readers will more readily open their minds and see life from more than just their perspective.

            Making a powerful case for hope, Coy proves even tragic experiences can produce positive results. Remember, as long as there is life, there is still a chance to grow and create positive change.

About the Author

Mary Tolbert Coy is a Registered Nurse of thirty-four years. Her passion is meeting the needs of people. She does this on her job, in her personal life, and through ministry. She has a passion for jail ministry, assisting and providing for the homeless. She is the mother of one daughter, Kartiya, and considers this one of her greatest jobs and achievements.

            Mary Tolbert Coy tries to let God’s spirit guide her heart and choose what challenge to take as she looks around at the great need in this world. It brings her great joy to help others and to know she is making a positive difference.

(2021, paperback, 58 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review