Elsie, the Itty-Bitty "Peacemaker"

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Elsie, the Itty-Bitty "Peacemaker"

By:  Peggy Schultz

About the Book

Elsie is a fluffy, floppy-eared bunny who lives in the barnyard of the Browning farm in the beautiful Mission Valley in St. Ignatius in northwestern Montana. Elsie has a big heart and loves everyone in the barnyard, but most of all, she is a peacemaker. The tales shared in this delightful book can be sad but mostly end up funny as Elsie helps her friends. Children can learn that we can all be peacemakers, no matter how old or how young, whether it is at home, school, with co-workers, or with family. What would the community be like, if everyone tried to be peacemakers every day!

About the Author

Peggy Schultz grew up in St. Ignatius, Montana. Her dad, Vern, and her mom, Thelma Browning, had a farm in the beautiful Mission Valley. All of the stories about Elsie’s barnyard friends really happened. Yes, Elsie, Riddick, Kugo, Buela, Eggbert, Lou Lou, and Lily were all real animals on the farm.


Peggy lives in Troy, Montana, with her husband Hans. They have two sons, Erich and Max, and now have four grandchildren: Devin, Sadie, Alex, and Ava. Peggy loves to paint, garden, find antiques, and spend time with family and dear friends. She likes to think she has been a peacemaker all her life!


(2022, hardback, 33 pages)     


(No reviews yet) Write a Review