Confederacy of Monarchs: Pirate's Honor!

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Confederacy of Monarchs: Pirate's Honor!

By: Everett Watson


About the Book

The Confederacy of Monarchs: Pirate's Honor! was written in response to the eruption of protests that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Civil War statues across the United States. Why were people so upset about the statues revering our famous soldiers? Was there a Civil War cover-up for a more serious crime committed against the United States? Read this fascinating depiction of actual events in our nation’s history to find out why!

This story will captivate the reader while explaining true events that prove that crimes were, in fact, committed against the United States, and the men who committed these crimes were freed after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. After they were pardoned, these men had no remorse for their crimes. After the war they published lies, blaming the war on the dead president, and these stories have caused discourse throughout American history. 

The author hopes the reader will agree that America is indebted to the Civil War’s deceased, and the truth about the acts of treason committed in 1864 should be told!

About the Author

Everett Watson was born in Akron, Ohio. He is an electrician and HVAC technician by trade and has worked all over the world. He will soon be a college graduate with a degree in construction management. He is a war veteran who is passionate about the history of our great nation and the brave soldiers who have fought for our freedom. 


(2023, paperback, 222 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review