The Wave Of Darkness

By Isaiah Gong
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The Wave of Darkness is about an average person’s journey to become a hero. There is a wave of darkness that will engulf the country of Gabom. Ishma, a rather average person, embarks on a perilous journey to retrieve the Sword of Earth in order to defeat the Wave. Ishma is joined by four companions. What makes this story interesting is that it features magic, mystical and terrifying creatures, perilous adventures, surprise revelations, and fellowship. Many people in today's world feel like they are living in a time of darkness, whether due to the pandemic or other struggles of daily life. People are tempted to lose hope and just let their personal waves of darkness take over. The message of the story of Ishma is that darkness can be overcome despite all odds against it. This message of hope is very relevant for our times. The Wave of Darkness is unique because the main character isn't a perfect hero while his companions are strong and represent the more typical hero. However, it is the main character, Ishma who is ordained to be the savior. Readers will take away that heroism can come in many forms and heroes themselves don't have to be perfect to accomplish great things.

About the Author

Isaiah is a middle school student in Sharon, a suburb of Boston. Since second grade, Isaiah has been an avid writer. The Wave of Darkness is his first published book and he is currently working on his second novel. In addition to writing, Isaiah enjoys making home movies and animation shorts that he publishes on his Youtube channel. His hobbies and activities include martial arts, piano, competitive swimming, video games and math. Isaiah resides with his parents, younger sister, and two pet guinea pigs.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 126