The Trials Of Uwe

By Steven L. Masia
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The Trials of Uwe is about a wizard who has been trained since birth to take his role. Even with all his preparation, he finds himself lacking. Unlike other coming-of-age stories, this tale teaches us that no matter how well prepared you are, the challenges of life can overwhelm you. Only by sharing your skills with others can you overcome such situations. Emotional loss can cloud our judgment and can result in conceit. The Trials of Uwe reflects on loss and redemption, how friendships can be formed with your enemies, universal issues relating to life and death, ego, murder, slavery, lies and deception. We are reminded that with the help of friends and teamwork, all obstacles can be overcome.

About the Author

Steven L. Masia, a research scientist, with a B.S. in Ceramic Engineering, a B.A. in Mathematics from Alfred University, and a Master’s in Material Science from M.I.T. He has worked in the paper and consruction industries for the last 32 years. He also has several published patents and several awards from InnoCentive. Steven lives in Amish Country in Pennsylvania with his beautiful handicapped wife, who has had numerous strokes and whose left side is mostly paralyzed. He also lives with his angelic daughter, who at 29 years old has taken the job of caring for her mother on a daily basis.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 424

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Steven Masia
professional review

The Trials of Uwe: Parts I, II, and III will reach young adult sci-fi readers looking for a strong sense of nonstop action in their stories. It follows the adventure of young wizard Uwe, who has spent his short life training for his profession, only to find his efforts lacking.

At age 18, he's an orphan. His parents were killed fighting the self-proclaimed 'savior of the universe, the Evilore, who uses the magic in the souls of living creatures to destroy and reconstruct the universe time and again.

Even though his great-great-great-great-grandfather, a wizard named Edam, has successfully thwarted the Evilore, perishing in the process but passing to Uwe the legacy of their wizardly ways, Uwe still finds himself lacking in ability. It takes an evil wizard with his own plans for takeover to help Uwe change.

There's a deep, satisfying philosophical aspect to the story as it unwinds, which sets it apart from the ordinary action-oriented sci-fi fantasy: "Uwe spoke. "We have done the dragons a great disservice. In trying to protect ourselves from you and potential enslavement by you, we have instead enslaved you. My control over the dragons is more unjust then what you had in store for us." His drive to rectify his mistakes and his ethical conundrums makes for intriguing reading as the wanna-be hero finds himself trying to act in a morally correct manner even as he identifies evil and fights it both in himself and in the world.

It should be cautioned that there are many subplots and takeaways, here; from an evolving love between Uwe and Amanill to a quest that sometimes mirrors the Evilore's purposes: "He had accomplished what the Evilore had only dreamed of performing. He had gone too far; and there would be a price to pay."

Young adults used to gaming choices and action-packed twists and turns may find these further injections of ethical dilemmas and subplots a challenge, but these successfully contribute to a story that, like any superior read, is greater than its individual parts and pieces.

A more singular focus might have made the story more accessible to a wider audience. However, The Trials of Uwe: Parts I, II, and III challenges its young readers to absorb more than just a singular epic adventure. This is one of its strengths...and the reason why The Trials of Uwe: Parts I, II, and III is recommended reading for young adults looking for more than an adventure fantasy story alone.

Very interesting read

I enjoyed this book and it was and interesting read