Poacher: Book Two - The Thunder Series

By Elise Brassell
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The school year has ended, and Electro and her friends are ready to start their summer. But things don’t begin as planned when Electro experiences a dream that results in a strange cut on her forehead and an even stranger change to her blood – it’s now dark and metallic!

Embarking on a summer vacation, the gang’s break begins to get even weirder when a sinister new foe rears their head. Space has no choice but to get real, finally disclosing the truth about the Thunder family history. This leads to an adventure that will push their family ties to the limit.

With Electro’s changing biology comes more power that she must learn to manage, along with a deepening anxiety that she must face.

Come along with Electro and her friends as they discover the power of family, the power of choices, and the power of forgiveness.

About the Author

Elise Brassell began writing stories as a young girl, almost as soon as she could hold a pencil. She was always jotting notes or writing down ideas, only letting the best of friends read her many adventures. As her imagination grew, so did the adventures, and by the time Elise was in fourth grade, the world of Electro had been created in her mind. It wasn’t until her middle school years that she finally put pencil to paper to let the world she had imagined flow out of her mind and into reality. Thanks to the encouragement of teachers, family, and friends, the first book has finally been completed. Now, Brassell is still brewing up more adventures for Electro and her family while continuing to pursue her many interests. She calls the Sunshine State home where she lives happily ever after with her husband, Tommy.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 266