My Guardian

By Megan Cohen
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Her best friends untimely death and her parents messy divorce leave Violet Swinson trapped in the most depressing period of her young life. They say misery loves company, but Violet would rather grieve aloneuntil Adrian Wilson enters the picture.

Adrian is seemingly perfect for Violethe just isn't human. A progeny of an immortal race called the Star Seekers, Adrian might be invincible but not enough to survive direct contact with human blood.

When Violet makes an astounding discovery that reveals who she really is, she finds herself caught in the middle of a longstanding war between powerful racesa war in which she will risk her own life to save Adrian and the world to which she truly belongs.

From delicious star trinkets to the evil plottings of Scarlet Crow. Megan Cohen brings you on an interstellar ride that will leave you breathless. A must read! Nadxieli Nieto Hall editor, Nieto Books

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 256