Marci: A Wolf Abroad

By B.B. Adams
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After the events of Marci: Growing Up Wolf, Marci and Lance return for a whole new adventure. After discovering Marci has family in France, she and Lance pack their bags and head to visit her grandparents, and discover a whole community of werewolves. For the first time, Marci finds herself part of a pack, learning how to hunt as a group and the social hierarchy among wolf packs. Being a growing Alpha, Marci has much to learn in the ways of leadership, but will jealousy amongst some members of the group and budding new love take her off her destined path?

About the Author

B.B. Adams moved to South Florida in 1965 where she met the boy who would later become her husband. As the daughter of an ex-FBI agent, she was intimately aware of how moving from one town to another can adversely affect a growing child. In South Florida, she was able to put down roots, marry, and raise a large family. Once the children grew up and went their own ways, she started substituting at a local middle school, where she worked for seventeen years watching pre-teens mature into promising young men and women.
Finally retiring, Adams now spends her days in her cabin by the lake where she canoes, plays with her dogs, over-feeds the squirrels, reminisces about the antics of past students, and writes.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32