Indescribable Faith

By Jenna Wright
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Emberline Winston has been on her own for a while. An orphan born of the Christian faith, she lives in a world where the government has outlawed her religion. All followers of Christ are persecuted, forced to renounce their religion, or be put to death by the Eternal Flame Agency (EFA). So, she runs, and hides—a heavy burden to bear, but worth it. Nothing will shatter her faith.

Emberline’s life changes drastically when fellow Christian Thomas Yale offers her a chance to join the I AM Faithful (IAF), a resistance dedicated to spreading the word of Christ and providing sanctuary to all His followers. She cautiously agrees to join him, his family, and the cause, thankful for the opportunity to fulfill God’s will.

But the threat of the EFA is constant. Will they ever be safe?

About the Author

Jenna Wright began writing Indescribable Faith at the age of 12, when she took notice of various regulations being put on Christianity by the government. Inspired by The Hunger Games, which she credits as “turning her taste from Disney princess to dystopia,” she began with a short summary of her book, which quickly blossomed into a novel.

Fifteen at the book’s first publication, Wright is an honor roll student, and avid reader and writer. She remains a huge fan of fantasy and dystopian novels, and hopes to one day have a career in writing. In addition, she plans to continue helping younger Christians through whatever hardships life brings and encourages everyone to be steadfast and proud of their faith, even though it can sometimes be difficult.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 88