By D. L. Grace
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How much of human life can be depicted through the authenticity of nature? If one allows their mental processes to conceive of the existence of a common theme for life - all life, then one must arrive at the possibility that nature is more than material for our usage.

One night in the cool, midnight forest, Mother Panda gave birth to two healthy sons. Their life in the forest is idyllic in childhood, but as they grow the twin brothers begin to fight, getting more and more violent as time goes on. Understanding of their behavior, Mother Panda shuns them, sending them off to find their place in the world. Going their separate ways, the brothers struggle and experience many adversities but also many adventures which support their individual growth. 

Through the lives of pandas, D. L. Grace cleverly depicts the longstanding effects of climate and racism and the deep-seated desire for acceptance and friendship all humans face.

About the Author

D. L. Grace is the author of a book of poetry entitled Newbirth. Receiving the master’s of education degree in counseling from Youngstown State University in 2001, and studying theology from Marquette University, the author has worked in various counseling positions and is currently focused on writing about racism and religion.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 64