Charlie The Champion

By K.R. King
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Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal, Children’s social issues

Charlie the Champion is an inspirational tale of Charlie the chubby cheetah, who wants nothing more than to be strong like his dad and compete to win big races. With a big, round belly, Charlie doesn’t feel like he could ever do something so great. Being a chubby cheetah is harder than you think. After being bullied by his classmates, Charlie finally decides that he will not be scared to do what he loves anymore. In the face of fear, Charlie finally unlocks his hidden extraordinary potential through the power of hard, consistent work and positive self-talk.

About the Author

K.R. King has been married for 16 years and has seven children. She and her husband operate a small business that engages children of all ages from different backgrounds, to teach that through physical fitness, anyone can improve their physical, mental, and emotional capabilities, no matter their starting point.

King has been able to witness that when you teach a child they can achieve and to believe in themselves, they learn that anything is possible.

King enjoys being of service within her local community by helping with the basic necessities they need to live an d by mentoring them to enjoy and achieve a better life.

Outside of her work, King loves anything outdoors, including hiking, snowboarding, biking, and working out. King is a big foodie and loves trying new and different foods (even if some of them scare her). She loves being at everything her children do, this is her number one priority.

She is a member of the Authors guild and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 44

Customer Reviews

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I am a grandmother of 10 and absolutely LOVE THIS BOOK! In fact, so much so that I BOUGHT 20 to share!

Charlie resonates with all ages as often we allow our minds to slip into negative thinking. Charlie walks us through how to change those thoughts and genuinely realize there is a CHAMPION inside of each of us! Every home needs this book! Thanks K.R. King for bringing Charlie the Champion to life!

Charlie the Champion

My kids loved this book, they were cheering for Charlie by the end. I loved the encouraging, positive message. This is a new family favorite.