When Did I Become The Enemy?

By Katrina Brooks
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When did i become the enemy?

When you keep GOD in every situation, it makes what you’re going through easier. But sometimes it can be hard to stay true to yourself as a child of GOD when you’re treated badly by those who are closest to you, sometimes with no explanation at all. During those times when your faith is tested, it can be hard to not let others’ nastiness dictate how you act or change who you are, especially when temptation sets in to get mad—and then even.

Author Katrina Brooks is no stranger to this phenomenon and shares her personal experiences learning to let go and let GOD lead you. Through her testimonial, discover the importance of remaining who you are as a child of GOD through all obstacles and staying focused on pleasing GOD, who is always on your side. Keep your faith in Him and know He will work it out.

About the Author

Katrina Brooks has three daughters and one grandson who make up her world. She and her children are true believers in the value of public service, working to feed the homeless, donating clothing, toys, toiletries, and other items to those in need.

Brooks loves to cook, read, write, listen to the Word, and spend time with her family and friends. In her spare time, she enjoys both traveling and entertaining at her home, hosting dinner parties, movie nights, brunches, and barbecues.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 32

Customer Reviews

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S. Scott

Just finished reading the book! I'm coming to get it signed. May God continue to bless you and other's through you!
I enjoyed it. I can see it being a help for those who don't know how to let God move in their lives.

L. Torres
Loved the Book!

Blessed Sunday Morning Sis! ??? Absolutely loved YOUR book! I love your openess about your relationship with OUR Father, and especially the way you break it down! Continued Love & Blessings my Sister from another Mister. I will be purchasing more to give out as gifts! ?

The book I didn’t know I needed

Your book was everything! It really spoke to me & was definitely something I didn’t know I needed to read. Keep being great & showing the world that all heroes don’t wear capes, some wear pumps ??? Love u! ?

T. Douglas

I read your book. It was so good. I was sad and happy at the same time. God brought you through and will continue to bring you through. You helped me! God gave you so much strength and perseverance. My mom read a few pages. She’s been talking about writing a book for years. I wish you much success with it. We’ll keep praying that Tyler P. make it into a screen play or movie! ?

A. Lett

I just wanted to let you know that I read the book, and it was a good read. I am so sorry about some of that stuff that has happened to you, but GOD knows who was there for a long time or a season and some ppl was just a lesson. So proud of you. Congratulations ❣️