Serendipity Or Design: My Life's Journey

By C. M. Phillip
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This work is a result of several decades of material uncovered through an archival dive during recent Covid-19 mandated home confinement. The opportunity for personal reflections during this period led the author to contemplate his life’s journey. In so doing he wonders aloud; was the meandering route traveled between early island life to retirement an accident or was it a path carefully laid out by the Master Designer? His hope is that the stories and incidents included in this work will enable each reader to not only contemplate this bit of life’s mystery, but also like him, find similar affirmation regarding their individual life's path.

About the Author

C. M. Phillip is a boomer born on the 108-square mile Caribbean Island of Antigua. He is the younger of two brothers, among eight siblings born to parents Amaletha and Solomon Phillip, who are both deceased. After completion of his early education in his birthplace, he migrated to the United States in pursuit of higher education. This pursuit paved a path for a career in Public Health. Following his recent retirement, he settled in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Annette. From this location, they both continue to pursue their passion for hospitality and mentoring, while enjoying their love for the outdoors and travel.

In addition to family commitments, the author continues to carve out space and time to volunteer as a teacher, participate in various local choirs and musical ensembles, while continuing to train for his next marathon.

Phillip's travels include various global ventures with his wife Annette. Together they have journeyed throughout the Caribbean, North, South and Central America, Asia (to include Thailand, Vietnam & Japan) and the African Continent (including stops in South Africa, Robben Island and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe). Also, the Pacific islands and most of the United States and its major cities.

This writer will tell you that his journey from the islands, through the South and East Coasts, and finally being led to exchange his slice of Paradise with its 365 beaches, to enjoy the beauty of the McDowell Mountain Range, has been no accident.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 386

Customer Reviews

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Dorita P
Intriguing & Captivating!

As I read the author's artful recounting of his life's journey, I found myself drawn in by his spirit of perseverance and resolve to defy the odds in pursuit of his own path. His journey from growing up on the Caribbean island of Antigua, through his rude awakening to Southern Hospitality, to his taxi driving days in New York City and his retirement during a period of National turbulence, were all quite captivating. Also intriguing was the way he navigated the numerous twists and turns while adapting to life in the United States. I read with great anticipation while also observing just how several of the incidents shared reflect our common human experiences. This thought provoking page-turner gave me the desire to make my own self-reflection and self-discovery journey. As I read, I could not help but conclude that regardless of our place of origin or our present station in life, a path has been clearly designed for each of us as humans; and finding and following that path could save us all a great deal of anxiety.

Thank you for being so vulnerable and for letting us tag along on your life's journey C. M. Phillip.