Perfect: /ˈIntrəˌVərt/

By Lavetta Colum
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Perfect is a book about having a relationship with the Lord. Through all the addictions, rather drug or sexual, these characters are able to overcome with the word of God. It tells the story of Churches leading people down the wrong road by playing church, instead of having a real relationship with the true Living God. It speaks on mental illness, and senior citizens' addictions to medications. As a Child of the Most High, Lavetta was given visions, dreams and the power of laying hands, as some of the prophets in the Bible, to be able to speak on these things. Having gone to some of these churches, she speaks from experience about the churches today.

About the Author

Lavetta Colum is a giver and has been given, even when she was receiving state assistance. She donates to women shelters to this day. Lavetta’s special interest is reading the Bible; there's nothing more interesting; although she is quite the bookworm.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 194