Moments Of Light: The Gospels

By Michael Helm
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This book is a day by day journey through the Gospels, a journey where you can discover the life of Jesus as if you were actually there; seeing, hearing, and experiencing the miraculous Love of God as told by those who were closest to Him. Feel the faith of Mary even as she ponders what it will mean to bear God’s Son, and her husband Joseph as he first struggles with the news of her pregnancy, but then demonstrates the meaning of obedience to God. See the Disciples as they are profoundly transformed by Jesus’ words and the miracles they witnessed each day. Experience the emotion and bewilderment of Jesus’ followers as they helplessly watch His agonizing death, which only days later is turned to joy and awe after His resurrection. Consider Jesus’ final instructions to His followers before returning to heaven, and the effect they had on them, as well as for us today.

About the Author

Michael Helm lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his wife Shirley and their two cats. He enjoys music and the arts, growing flowers, good coffee and friends, stimulating conversations, and the outdoors.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 194

Customer Reviews

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Glenda Coryell
Moments of Light the Gospels

5 copies have been donated and accepted to the City of Amarillo, Texas Public Library.

Barry Bartenstain
Moments of Light

This has to be one of the most inspiring books that I have ever seen. I can endorse Mr Helms work without question. It a must have ..!!