Letters To God: 365 (Plus 2) Daily Devotional Messages

By William Bean
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This series of Christian devotional messages, Letters to God, contains messages written from a personal standpoint. Any who are seeking to know God better might find them helpful and perhaps challenging. It is perhaps unique due to the perspective from which the individual messages are written (personal). In having originally delivered the typically brief messages in text form early in the morning, author William Bean’s hope was that the recipients, who might not otherwise, would have exposure to God as they begin their day. As you enjoy these devotionals. may you be drawn closer to God.

About the Author

From a young age, William Bean always desired to write a book, although he never anticipated it would come in the form of this work. He became a follower of Christ in his mid-thirties, and has since become a devoted, faithful student of God's word. He enjoys sharing his discoveries from within God's Word through teaching in his local church, and he serves in various capacities within it.

William is a husband, father, and grandfather, but first and foremost he is a deeply devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. He is not a pastor but does consider himself to be a minister of the Word of God.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 380