Jesus On My Shoulder: The Life Of A Police Officer

By Sgt. Dennis R. Sands
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“Jesus On My Shoulder” is Sgt. Dennis R. Sands’ collection of true stories during his 25-year tenure as a police officer. Sgt. Sands is the recipient of the “Blue Max Award” for 5 or more “in progress” felony arrests. He is a United States Air Force veteran, with a Top Secret security clearance.

About the Author

He has received several awards for Community Service. In 2010 he was inducted into the State Of Illinois’ Outdoor Hall Of Fame. Sgt. Dennis R. Sands has two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Criminal Justice and one in Education. He married his sweetheart, “Kathy” in 1970. They have one daughter and two sons, eleven grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

He still lives in the town he grew up in, Shabbona, Illinois.

Next time you see a Police Officer, say


Police Officers have a stressful, dangerous and exhausting job.

When you go to church, pray for police officer safety. Thank Jesus for always being there, including on our officer’s shoulder!

Remember “WHY”! Jesus is there, just let him into your life.

Jesus was truly on my shoulder throughout my career.


Published: 2023
Page Count: 62

Customer Reviews

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Karen Anderson
Jesus On My Shoulder

I had great enthusiasm for my brother, Dennis Sands, in writing his book, "Jesus on My Shoulder". What a great accomplishment, hard work and dedication that went in to writing and publishing this book.

Each story kept my interest and it seemed like I was wondering what to do as well. I could not put the book down until it was finished, as one story seemed as exciting as the next.

Thank You for allowing me to review this book. When you see someone who risk his life every day please say "thank you for your service.

Becky W.
Jesus on My Shoulder

This book is full of mind-blowing stories. While dealing with stressful situations, Sgt Sands found a peaceful way to handle each of these situations. His stories are inspiring and an example of "good" law enforcement officers.

Jeanne Swanson
Dennis Sands

Excellent ?

Could Not Put it Down!

As soon as I picked this up - I could not put it down. I immediately read through the whole book and loved reading all the exciting, nerve-racking, and sad stories through the eyes of a police officer. Sgt. Sands showed the readers that he was truly never alone and his career/life could’ve been completely different without Jesus on [His] Shoulder. This is a great read for anyone wanting to learn more about law enforcement, courage, bravery, Jesus in every day life, family and community. Highly recommended!