If It Wasn't For God, I Would Have No Sanity: Phase 1

By LaWanda Gray Kinds
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If It Wasn’t For GOD, I Would Have No Sanity is a Christian-based autobiography chronicling the emotional struggles of the author, growing up feeling neglected by her family and having no one close to turn to. Despite being at her lowest, despite contemplating suicide several times, it was God entering her life that allowed the author to raise her kids through her difficult life. She believes God gives His battles to the strong, and the author is a firm believer in “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” God was there for her when she couldn’t be for herself or her children. Her story is not just inspirational but marked by God to be revealed. There are others out there who experienced similar difficult paths in life but never had a voice. The author prays this book opens doors for them because it’s knowledge, and a lot of people are still on that path of life as a victim. Kinds says, “I want people to see that through it all, God was there and He’s there for them as well.”

About the Author

LaWanda Gray Kinds is the mother of four beautiful girls and one handsome boy. While many women her age may have certain perspectives on life, hers is quite remarkable. Kinds feels there’s a lot of thoughts to life and some can be suicidal. As for her, she’s come too close to that very thought in life, but God! God helped her to realize suicide was not the answer. In fact it was the worst answer to believe in because in the end, it would have been hell for her when she lifted her eyes. God also told her to look to Him, so with that she often questioned the life she was given. Believing at times that God wasn’t there, that He had left her to fight her battles alone, but then He spoke to her at a very young age. He came into her life and He never left her, even when she felt he should have. Kinds says, “I came very close to losing my mind a few times in life, but God! It is because of Him I have my sanity, so the true experiences I’m about to share may be a little disturbing or uneasy to some readers, but just imagine…you may be reading it, but I actually lived it! Glory be to God, I’m here!”

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 58

Customer Reviews

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Antanecia K
Outstanding Read

"If it wasn't for God, I Would Have No Sanity" is a top tier read! The ups and downs in the book takes you on a vivid rollercoaster. I recommend everyone to read it most definitely females. It shine a light on sexual assault/abuse. It also show not only victims who went through the same or similar situations as the writer but all of the audience to always keep pushing. No matter what life threw at the author, she kept God first and she kept pushing! 10/10 most definitely recommend!!! I'm waiting on phase 2 or a movie now

Jane Neal
Be Kind

I read this book in a day, I couldn't stop for its so moving and emotional. I'm a mother of 4 and I can't imagine a child going through torture. A child who has no one to open to, or even make decisions. Moving from house to house and still face mistreatment. I recommend everyone to read this book, may be it will open our eyes on how protect children. No child should face sexual or emotional abuse in the hands of family. I longed to see the author and give her a hug for she is a hero. Waiting for phase 2

Chandreka Millon
Great book!

If you love suspense or great stories you would purchase! The suspense and the story is a bit traumatizing but great to read! I’m ready for phase 2 cause baby what’s next!

Dominique G
Great Book

This book is very touching & eye opening to people who can relate to situations like this, and it can touch the hearts of the people who can’t relate, But can imagine! This is a great read and gives courage to others that they have a path & purpose that GOD gives. He makes NO MISTAKES !!