From Relishing Camelot To Living With Cancer

By Dr. Ernest D. Cronin
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This book describes the ups and downs of a surgeon’s experience with cancer, a gifted surgeon dedicated to improving people’s lives. This story will be helpful to any person dealing with cancer and its treatment. Paul W. Gidley, MD Professor, Otology-Neurotology Department of Head and Neck Surgery UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Author of Temporal Bone Cancer …an inspiring personal chronicle recounting the cancer journeys of an extraordinary plastic surgeon, Dr. Ernest Cronin, and his wife, Candy, as they battled the "Fiend" in a courageous and determined fashion with unwavering faith and tremendous family support. - Donald R. Collins, Jr., MD, FACS Plastic Surgeon, Clinical Assistant Professor Weill Cornell Medical College.

Dr. Cronin chronicles the personal journey that he has taken… he demonstrates that victory over cancer is not ringing a bell, but continuing to live a fulfilling life. - Dr. Terence Holmes, Medical Internist.

Dr. Ernest Cronin…truly has shown that you can have a meaningful life while living with cancer. - Jenny Morrow FNP-C Oncology Nurse Practitioner

…an easy-to-read yet very detailed account of a successful plastic surgeon …and his personal journey against cancer. Dr. Ernest Cronin expresses the human condition well in his descriptions of how he went about tolerating therapy…for other cancer patients who wish to obtain a perspective of how life is while in the midst of the treatment process. - Devish Pandya M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor Weill Cornell Medical College, Medical Oncologist, Oncology Consultants

... an excellent portrayal of the journey it took to build a beautiful Camjelot-coupled with an intense battle against a formidable fiend that all feat, cancer. - John Anderson, M.D. Ophthalmologist

...a window into the life and battles of an outstanding plastic surgeon and his family. It is extremely well written and gives the reader a glimpse of how faith, family, and passion can help heal in times of illness and need... a journey both motivating and inspiring. - George Golod, M.D. University of Texas Physicians.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 198