Conversation Starter: Let's Talk Business, Teaching, And Training In Churches

By Steve McCullar
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Are your business meetings at church unproductive? Do your leadership development programs need to be developed? Are you lacking experienced teachers and trainers, and only using the volunteers that are available – and have no program to build them up? Have you ever had those tough conversations about your church’s needs in the areas of business, teaching, and training? Motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and business professor, Steve McCullar talks about starting those conversations.

With over 20 years of teaching and training experience in academic and corporate settings, along with experience working in ministry and developing church programs. Steve uses biblical principles to start conversations. Through stories, humor, and practical tips and strategies, he demonstrates the importance of organizational alignment within the churches, especially in the area of learning and development. Among these pages you’ll discover topics about:

• Why Jesus was called the Master Teacher and not the Master Preacher

• Dealing with “church folk” who only want to hear, but don’t want to do

• The importance of teachers and trainers in your church

• Why your church meetings have increased socializing but decreased results

• Pastoral relationships with the teachers and trainers, and pitfalls for all

• Teaching and Training are ministries!

While many shy away from what they call a “corporate” approach, this book demonstrates through scripture how God is a businessman. Be prepared to put away the thinking that the church should not operate with standard business practices. But also, be prepared to let go of the business practices that you encounter outside of the church, as those negative, unproductive, and sometimes divisive practices do not have to continue within the church.

This book is an excellent resource for teachers, trainers, and even pastors because it will help to identify areas that need to be discussed. Don't shy away from the conversations!

About the Author

As a servant-leader, Steve McCullar has spent much of the last 15 years in academia as a university professor, leader within the healthcare industry, business consultant, keynote speaker, and trainer in-person and online. Since the age of 13, he has worked in ministry and continues to serve as the administrator for his local church’s men’s ministry.

He is an entrepreneur and president of Steve McCullar LLC, as well as a proud veteran (Navy Hospital Corpsman) who has a passion for working with veteran organizations. Having spent most of his life working in healthcare, including traveling internationally on several humanitarian missions, Steve has made it his life's work to help others. This written offering and labor of love comes from his experiences helping churches and working alongside pastors to strengthen churches operationally.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 90

Customer Reviews

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Ronald B
Informative Training Tool

Taking the book for what the title says “conversation starter” is what I have used it for. A hard pill to swallow in some points, but the author does a great job of not telling people what to do, but presenting points that will allow anyone churches or typical businesses to incorporate into their leadership development. I definitely recommend this book to administrative teams that are looking to improve.