A Cloudy Tale

By Kevin D. Finson
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With a thunderstorm progressing through the town, this story shows the progress from its beginning to its end. This shows each stage of a developing and passing thunderstorm with photographs that children can easily see. This knowledgeable book will help those who fear these storms to be less scared and help those become more interested in natural occurrences.

About the Author

Kevin D. Finson is a retired professor of science education. He taught middle school, high school, and college science, as well as science teacher education courses. Finson has co-authored several books and published numerous journal articles. He has participated in activities in professional organizations and was recognized for his lifetime contributions to the Association for Science Teacher Education in 2017. Finson enjoys writing and reading. He also likes to make small furniture and toys for his grandchildren.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 30