Until The End

By Katie Barker
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In the near future,two sisters, Alaina and Hayley Mitchell, are forced to flee their home during a conflict with a neighboring community, and everything they thought they knew in their lives changes.

Follow their journey as they face hardships, separate, and grow into young adults, taking very different paths in life, only to reunite in conflict—at odds over politics and their love for a very special boy in their lives. One sister had a manipulatable gene that made her extremely desirable to the powers that be. Until the End is about hope, and during the times we live in, the best we can do is have hope. The author hopes readers take away an awareness of the effects of love, both positive and negative, and that there is hope as long as you look for it in the right places.

About the Author

Katie Barker devotes most of her time to writing; writing is like an addiction for her. She is a high school student. Her mom and her best friend, Paige, are huge inspirations to her. Barker has been writing since third grade when she found her passion for creative storytelling, and ever since then, she has toyed with different genres and character traits.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 240