By Michael Strahle
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Titleist is about the golf ball that got hit off the moon in 1971. It ricocheted off a meteorite and eventually got lodged on another meteorite and traveled through space, eventually landing on another planet. This planet was almost exactly like Earth except that all the people were the size of small ants. Unfortunately, the ball carried with it a virus that infected the entire planet. Those unaffected left the planet in a spaceship just like the ball in search of an antidote to save the planet.

A fast-paced adventure ensues as the brave crew of the spaceship Titleist hurls toward Earth in search of a cure.

About the Author

Michael Strahle was born in McCloud, CA and raised in and around Redding, CA his entire life. After graduating high school, he became a full-time logger by the age of 19 and by the age of 20, a friend had introduced him to snow skiing, which changed his life. He became obsessed with the sport, but his life changed forever when he suddenly broke his neck. He became a quadriplegic at that moment. Luckily, he could move his arms, but had no grip in his hands. After a month and a half of work in rehab, he could feed himself again. This accident was the root of his burning desire to make the best of bad situations.

After spending three months in the hospital, he vowed to go sailing the day after returning home. With the help of his friends and brother, he went sailing as planned. With the help of a local muffler shop, he came up with the idea for a seat that would still allow him to see while on the catamaran he owned and within a year had a patent on a device called “Trapseats” to help disabled people sail.

Since it requires experienced people to help disabled sailors to go sailing, he has started an organization called the Reading Yacht Club to give kids, adults, seniors, and disabled people from all around the world a destination to travel to and go sailing with a friendly and helpful crowd of experienced sailors. Their mission is to focus on enhancing people’s lives through sailing and promoting safe boating.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 148