The Marble Dealer: The Fire And Ice Chronicles

By Polly Kotowski
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About the Author

Special Agent Liz Hamilton--a witch with the dueling powers of fire and ice--knows an ancient magic is at play when young therian women begin surfacing as exquisite marble statues. The Marble Dealer follows Liz's race to try and save these women. But the wereanimal victims aren't the only people the killer is interested in...

Liz discovers she's part of a mystical prophecy that will only complicate her (non-existent) love life more. Can Liz hunt the killer and run from her fated future at the same time?

About the Author

Polly Kotowski has been telling stories in television and podcasts for the last decade. She's written, produced and casted for some of the most popular shows in daytime and true crime (The Dr. Phil Show, Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen, Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad, Court Junkie). The Marble Dealer is her first novel and she uses her true crime experience to weave the mystery.

Polly lives in Los Angeles with her daughter. When she's not writing, she's probably at a sporting event or goofing off with her child.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 274