The Gifted

By Catalina Berry
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The Gifted is a science fiction fantasy adventure about a person’s ability to live past heartache, destruction, and loss. Kitty is a woman who only believes in survival and keeps her heart closed so she won’t have conflict within herself. But as Kitty learns that love, hope, friendship, and family are what make a person want to survive in any type of life, readers may find a similar hope and beauty in their own pain as well.

About the Author

Having lived in many different places, Catalina Berry has used writing as an escape since she was a child. If her life were a story, she would be the villain people couldn’t help but try to save. After four attempts, Berry graduated from college and now lives in Elmira, New York where she enjoys spending time with her family. Catalina often fills her free time with crafts and writing.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 272