The Gardener's Scrolls Book Of Scions

By Samuel R. Rodriguez Jr.
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In the provinces of Terra Y’cromeca, an ancient battle over husbandry of the land interlocks two primordial gardens. Dark abysmal waters in the cold of the north, house a blasphemous garden. From this garden springs forth an arcane power to dark forces, thus paving the way for a cruel regime to rule over the Y’cromahein people. Isolated from these powers in a desert world far away in the West, a simple and rustic folk follow the wisdom of a kindly Gardener, the guardian of Terra Y’cromeca. But what need is there to guard against? While the turmoil of slavery and war plague the Y’cromahein in the north, the Gardener’s age-old nemesis lurks and schemes, plotting to fulfill his oath of vengeance upon the land. In this age, where ancient forces burst to new life, the numinous seeds of the Garden of Ages are pitted against the corrupt weeds of the Dark Garden. Ripples of chaos from upheaval in the north wreck devastation and ruin across Terra Y’cromeca. In their wake, destiny finds unlikely heroes in a young shepherd, a grieving father, a self-serving Tribune, and a young girl of mysterious lineage. Guided by the Gardener’s wisdom and supported by the warriors of the desert, they will strive to form one last defense against great darkness.

About the Author

Samuel R. Rodriguez Jr. was forged under a scorching sun, in the rugged desert of West Texas in 1968. He grew up with a love for cinema, ghost stories, and a deep passion for history and various cultures. The more distant a culture may be from his roots, the more curious he was to learn about them and embrace them. His love for all things mysterious led him on a life-long journey into the worlds of cryptozoology, Kabbalah, and Eastern philosophy. In 1977, his life changed with the cinematic release of Star Wars: A New Hope, thus the excitement of wanting to create his own fantasy story was birthed from that inspiration so long ago. Since then, the story of Y’cromeca has morphed, changed, and shape-shifted into the story that you read today. This book was crafted decades in the making.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 378