The Crystalline Apocalypse: The Lesser World Series Book 1

By Joseph V. Oehring
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The Crystalline Apocalypse is a boldly entertaining, highly imaginative science-fiction story

about an apocalyptic event that puts the entire world into peril. The colorful characters

—both human and alien—capture the reader’s attention as all of humankind finds itself

fighting a proxy war against a horrific, godlike alien species. This story will captivate the

reader, who’s in for an exciting adventure!

About the Author

Joseph V. Oehring has served his country for fourteen years as an enlisted soldier in the

U.S. Army Infantry, and he continues to serve today. Typing on a typewriter is very therapeutic

for him. He wrote this exciting story in hopes of entertaining the world!

Joseph has been married to his beautiful wife for twenty years, and they have four wonderful

children—one girl and three boys. When he’s not leading soldiers, he enjoys walks with his

wife, playing with his kids, working out at the gym, and playing video games.

He looks forward to the release of the second book in the Lesser World Series,

The Chaos Crystals, in the near future.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 220