The Birth Of God's United Black "Nation"In White America: The "Last Chapter"

By Charles J. Cook
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The Birth of God's United Black "Nation" in White America: The "Last Chapter"

America: The "Last Chapter" is about God’s United Black Nation in white America financially establishing Independence and securing themselves as a "Free United Black Nation" in America and in the world.

Uniquely closing the book of the individual black experience in white America, this “Last Chapter” symbolizes freedom and the opening of a new book for future chapters to be written about a United Black Nation.

About the Author

Charles J. Cook is an ex-Marine, Vietnam-era veteran. He is a black Indian man, a man of God, and a spiritualist, as well as a loving husband and loving father, grandfather, and great grandfather.

Also a retired cosmetologist instructor, Cook enjoyed teaching men, women, and children how to make money in the business of cosmetology. Over the years, he’s taught thousands of students in L.A. Calif. School District and Louisiana.

He loves God and going to church, listening to gospel music, and playing guitar with a choir or gospel group. He also enjoys playing zydeco, fishing and crabbing, cooking, taking a drive to the ocean or the park with friends and family, and helping a friend in need.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 116