Stories, Legends, And Truths From The Blighted Earth

By R.M. Tembreull
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Stories, Legends, and Truths From The Blighted Earth:

Stories, Legends, and Truths from the Blighted Earth is a book of fictional narratives and artifacts which progressively knit together a hidden world existing outside what humans perceive as our reality. Earth Mother is sentient, and all manner of life on our planet are Her children to whom She gifts sentience of their own. The “spirit essence” or soul is immortal, and all beings progress through many lives. Within this context, sentient life occupies a hierarchy, where the highest tiers are occupied by elementals and Guardian Spirits who are responsible for preserving and maintaining the Natural Order; while those affiliated, coopted, and corrupted by Chaos are continuously trying to disrupt, and ultimately destroy, the balance. There is no such thing as good and evil, just the continual struggle between order and chaos. 

The Blighted Earth’s sentient existence, where all life on the planet is connected, reveals a hidden realm and provides a new understanding of our world through the provided stories and artifacts. These tales are described within the context of real-world events and historical conflicts as told from the perspective of various characters occupying the numerous tiers in the Hierarchy of Sentience. Many commonly understood theories of existence and spirituality are reimagined within a new model of the universe where humankind’s place, and our importance within “the All” is very different from what most of us interpret it to be, including the definition of life and lifeforms.

About the Author

R.M. Tembreull spent his childhood roaming the pastures and forests of rural Michigan. He was exposed to the wonders of the wilderness through a variety of experiences including camping, canoe trips, hunting, and fishing. Later, he would experience much of the world during his twenty-six years with the Air Force. His greatest appreciation for the wonders of nature began when he became a certified scuba diver while stationed in Guam. There he met the love of his life, and they began exploring the underwater world together. Tembreull found the courage and time to start writing during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The author hopes his work will ignite the reader’s imagination, instill a new appreciation of the natural world, and inspire others to act in preserving and protecting the life and natural resources of our wonderful Earth.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 338

Customer Reviews

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Truly Unique Fantasy Perspective in this Anthology

This is an environmentally influenced fantasy anthology. The sheer invention of this universe, I guess is what it is, is absolutely a unique experience. The author starts the anthology with the birth of the universe and takes it through to modern times. There maybe could have been an additional chapter or two on the more ancient stories but what was completed was excellent. I need to re-read some chapters but standouts are The Mushroom Man and Operation Bi’ohm. I think the Operation Bi’ohm could be a novel on its own. I definitely wanted more to that story. Also I think the Mushroom man should a novella all by itself that speaks to nature helping one heal from trauma. I really enjoyed that but wanted much more of its story. One negative is that the exposition/speech chapters were a bit of slog but as you realize a better editor could have solved this. A truly unique vision from a voice I hope we hear more from.

Diane Yancey
Stories, Legends, and Truths From The Blighted Earth

Within the pages of this short story anthology, the new author crafts a mesmerizing universe that intertwines seamlessly with our reality. Through spellbinding narratives, readers are transported on otherworldly escapades that simultaneously unveil the wonders of our planet and encourage reflection on the shared complexities we navigate. A literary marvel that sparks both imagination and contemplation ,with great illustrations

This book of legends & short stories

Brilliant writing, intriguing stories & extraordinary detail. Enjoyable read with great illustrations.

Drea Tem
Worth the Buy!

Even as a child, I have always loved to read, and every day I would read for a few hours. I have read the classics, Trevanian, Steven King, Barbara Kingsolver, Fredrick Bachman, and sooo many other authors, and enjoy them all for different reasons.

This new author has really captured my attention and imagination! The short stories are a joy to read, & I hope to see more from R.M. Tembreull!

Great New Book!

Great for all ages! This is a wonderful book from a new author. The concepts are based on world events, & how our environment is being shaped by human (& possibly other-than-human) activity. The stories progress from short, creative tales, to longer chronicles and antidotes. The characters are well developed & personable. I hope to see more from this author!