Planet: Lay Of The Land

By Paul Garmisch
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Have a Fun Ride while reading this Wacky, frequently humorous, "Star Trek-like" outer space, action packed, sci-fi fantasy "Satire" about Human Life on Earth -- but it doesn't happen on Earth. This PG-13 story comes straight from a strange solar system that exists near the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy!! And by all means, have Happy Trails while taking the ride. 

About the Author

Just when you thought the last of the real cowboys were extinct from too many rodeos and late-night, hooch-soaked booty calls from women in tight western jeans, here comes writer Paul Garmisch, a true renaissance man who has lived to fill his bucket list.

Born in Chicago, 1952, Garmisch was raised on a northern Illinois dairy farm, went to college at the U of Montana for seven years studying forestry, geology, and other environmental sciences. While working his way through college, Garmisch operated earth-moving equipment in Missoula gravel pits and road construction, worked as a fraternity house manager and a sorority house waiter, and was a studio musician, where he played the stand up bass and cello. As a musician, he played music in local taverns with his band.

After college Garmisch worked for twenty-some years in Montana and Wyoming—logging, cattle ranching, farming, placer gold mining, field geology, log home construction, forest fire fighting, ski mountaineer guiding, snow avalanche control, wilderness search and rescue and recovery, big game hunting. The list goes on for this well-seasoned outdoorsman.

While doing this, Garmisch had his arts hobby—model building and wildlife sculpting, which he turned into a new career in the 1990s. He worked as a professional artist and architectural model maker, and project manager and general manager, specializing in dioramas and special effects painting for companies and museums in San Francisco, Phoenix, Arizona, Nevada, and Chicago. This lasted until 2008. Then Garmisch went back to field geology for placer gold mining in northern California, Nevada, and Arizona. Paul now lives in Las Vegas. 

Through the numerous trials and tribulations of life in general, married life (twenty-eight years if all three are added up), and having four sons, Garmisch started to note a thing or two about this crazy world we come parading into buck naked and crying. Garmisch decided to write, and his mind collided into a cornucopia of extra high proof storytelling, with a message about real life on Earth from this Homer of the west. “Humor cures all,” says Garmisch, and his stories are loaded with it. Too much fun!!

Happy Trails.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 358

Customer Reviews

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Chris Borchardt
Great Book!

I just enjoyed my second reading of Paul Garmisch’s, Planet: Lay of the Land, and would be very
surprised if this fast-paced and inciteful sci-fi journey does not become a best seller. Garmisch gives the
reader an entertaining set of space adventures with colorful characters, multiple plots, a bit of sensuality
and plenty of surprising twists and turns. The last chapter crowns this classic with a serious and
thoughtful take on our own current society, religion, values and environment. I would highly
recommend “Planet” as a must read for both sci-fi and other adventure seekers alike.
Chris Borchardt