Plague Of Eldrina: The Kharnak Chronicles

By Pete Osmussen
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It was a new opportunity, for those that stumbled upon it.

Eldrina was a world straddling a cosmic leyline, flush with magic. Portals dotted the landscape as well as mystic shrines that could grant immortality to those who could use them. Yet the beings that created such objects had disappeared, their civilizations long shattered.

For a time, the portals attracted wanderers from other worlds and these humans, through decades of war, and using the mystic shrines, had established three kingdoms that covered most of the eastern portion of the continent.

Kharnak, an unparalleled mystic warrior with a dark past, has found peace and has carved out a life for himself and his new family, but his shame follows him wherever he walks, and haunts his dreams.

However, in the West, one threat still remained.

Now, a mysterious plague has arisen, the first for humans since they arrived. There are no perceived symptoms, but victims eventually turn on their comrades, killing without mercy and subservient to an unseen master. Can Kharnak and his comrades piece together what is happening and find a cure before time, that true immortal enemy, runs out?

About the Author

Pete Osmussen has taught middle school Social Studies for over twenty-five years. In his free time, he enjoys bowling, playing softball, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and participating in P.E. with his students (who find him an irresistible target in dodge ball). He and his partner Brandi currently reside in Glendale, Arizona.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 248