Luxers' Multiverse

By John Mayer Charmant
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In the year 2090, the world is a much different place. The traditional borders between countries have dissolved, leaving only a handful of large, competitive regions. Solar energy dominates, capitalizing on the increased radiation that penetrates the atmosphere due to global warming. Flying cars fill the skies and houses are carved from solid gemstones. It is into this strange and distant future that Adnex Courageux is born.

Born to Genus and Dora Courageux, Adnex appears at first to be a normal, happy child, but great beings beyond the realm of human understanding soon take an interest in the peculiarly intelligent boy. As an adult, his mastery of technology changes the path of human history, but his true potential still lies untapped. Will he be the savior of humanity or does he represent the next step in our evolution, destined to leave us behind to fade from history?

About the Author

John Mayer Charmant attended Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University. He has set himself to the task of figuring out the meaning of life, a desire that grows stronger in him every day. He writes fiction to explore his thoughts and ideas in a way that is accessible to readers.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 276

Customer Reviews

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Yvens Bellanton
Interesting Book

Luxers' Multiverse written by John Mayer Charmant is an interesting book to read. The author made a really great connection with real life example of events in which each character plays an important role. If you are interested in reading intriguing stories, I strongly recommand you to read this book!!!

Angelica Varsity
An eye-opening book

This book opens your eyes to the world of consciousness . It is definitely a book of discovery and deep thinking. I would recommend to every novel lovers out there.

Joseph Clark
Highly Impressed

This book was amazing from start to finish. I don't really read between the lines of a book but this particular book got all my attention. Impressed by the author's work.

Great book! Definitely worth the read

I've been waiting to read this book for months and now that I've read it....... It was really worth the wait...... I have no words how much of an amazing read this is. Absolutely brilliant work from John Mayer. I would love to read more books from the young author.

Interesting & Enjoyable

Only one chapter in and already I find it totally relatable with all the intrusive thoughts. Fair to say the book was a good buy. Amazing content