Love & Fire: Book One

By Karlee N. Cleverley
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Love & Fire: Book One follows a young werewolf named Asland as he journeys through his life. As he searches for his mate and cares for his pack, he meets his uncle who wants to take everything from him. Will Asland fight through the pain of losing his entire pack and defeat his uncle, or will he fall into despair and submit?

About the Author

For the longest time, Karlee N. Cleverley has always been able to repeat a dream like a movie. When she was sixteen, she decided to write Love & Fire, a werewolf and phoenix romance. She loves creating stories and art to brighten others’ days. It took five years for her to be confident enough in this story to publish it, and she plans on making this a four-book series.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 162