Internal Damage

By Lucas B. Gerke
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Told through the minds of the book’s characters, Internal Damage is ultimately a human story about survival. Filled with action, monsters, and terror in a sci fi setting, we witness how life and tragedy can change a person and alter relationships. As the story progresses, the humanity of these characters is reflected on the reader. Author Lucas B. Gerke hopes readers connect with the characters while reading on the edge of their seats.

About the Author

Lucas B. Gerke’s interests mostly began in film. He majored in film and minored in theatre and has been making films and shorts ever since college. His passion for reading formed toward the end of his college career. In the end, Gerke wants to create fiction in any and every form available.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 504

Customer Reviews

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Exhilarating page-turner

From the first turn of the page this epic story has your heart racing. All the characters are equally captivating and the story kept me guessing at every turn. I loved the different POVs so much that I still can’t pick a favorite character (but if I had to… it’d definitely be Amy.) The book is absorbing and accessible and I could not put it down!

Reminds me of: Maze Runner series, Sanctuary series, and Replica.
Aspects I related to: Friendship, family, coming of age, multigenerational, romance, technology, space, adventure, war, death, survival, heroism, identity, and bravery