From Within

By B.M. Stott
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The town of Gardall is set in a land far away. A land where elves and humans exist together. A land where dragons are also said to live and breathe. Here a small group ventures out to protect the town from attack by trolls, a menacing bunch that attempts to advance from the moors.

Calira, Bronwyn, Zye, and Kriso, held in high regard by the folk in Gardall, work to make the land a peaceful place to live.

Most individuals here have a tether to the land, an ability or abilities that they discover as they age, and all show tolerance and respect to others in a way that they themselves would like others to respect them. Together, the four are formidable in battle, even without their own personal abilities.

When a well-kept man with oily hair and a moustache approaches Zye with a request for his help, he offers Zye a chance to turn a wish into reality. But is this stranger’s promise too good to be true, changing Gardall’s group of four forever?

A story of fantasy, intrigue, and love, From Within is about living life with truth and honesty, respecting others and all things, and recognizing the power of Karma.

About the Author

B.M. Stott lives by the banks of Loch Lomond in rural Scotland and found a love of writing through the need to slow down in life.

B.M. wrote From Within to connect with readers on an emotionally honest and personal level. To invite them to escape the clutches of fast-paced modern life for a little while, and to connect with themselves, in that unmasked and unfiltered place that lives within us all.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 184