Words I Thought

By Brittney Wright
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Words I Thought is about growing up in today’s world with mental health issues. It’s about how you fall in love but it just might not be the right love and at some point, it will fail. It’s about finding love in life and growing up. People need to see the bad, not just the good in life while growing up in today’s world. This book shows viewpoints that you rarely see, and reaches more than one aspect of mental health. I hope people can learn that you don’t have to hide what you think.

About the Author

Brittney Wright is a Girl Scout for Troop 4409. She is a hard worker for the community by making it a cleaner and better place. Brittney loves reading in her free time, actually all the time. She’s also very involved in piano. Brittney’s special interests include painting beautiful landscapes and drawing facial features. Brittney is the youngest of six children, she has two dogs and a cat. Brittney goes to Olathe East; yes, she’s still in high school, actually a freshman… that’s amazing! Brittney believes that mental health is very important, especially in young teens. Brittney grew up around a lot of people with mental health issues including friends and family so she wrote a book to create awareness!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 164