The First Love

By Joy Horakova
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I wish I had hugged you one minute longer

We’ll look back and smile

We’ll look back and reflect

You tried everything to please me

You were the best first love I could have had

It’s too deep, too meaningful to just be unfinished business

It’s a thousand different things in a thousand different moments

That’s why I’m calling it “unfinished sentiments”

The experiences we have with our first love are ones that never leave our souls. All the excitement and wonder, the heartache and pain, and the hope of someday—all of these feelings are a part of us and shape who we become. Read Joy Horakova’s personal works of her own journey of knowing a first love.

About the Author

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Joy Horakova is active in downtown culture of the city, exploring coffee shops, drinking oat milk lattes and shopping at secondhand bookstores.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 206