Stained Glass

By G. G. Byrd
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Some of the poems in Stained Glass reflect a period of time when G. G. Byrd first learned how to love another person and how to be loved by another person, and some poems are about a period of loss. Her story is in her poems.

About the Author

G. G. Byrd’s partner of 24 years died last year, and at 59 she doubts she will ever be in another relationship, for she has had the love of her life. That is not something that someone earns twice in a lifetime, so she is just trying to find some inner peace with her two Rag Dolls—Knight and Day, brother and sister (three years old in October 2020). Joining them is Trio—a rescue kitten (calico—one year old 4/?/2021). G. G. has survived because of her friends and neighbors, who are, for the most part, one in the same. In front of her is Tammy. To her left is Phyllis and her son Jeffrey Harbin. Behind her are Rhonda and Jeff Carroll, who were there every day for 24 years and double timing during the three years of her partner’s sickness. She could not have gotten through that time without them. She loves all of them and thanks them for their friendship and prayers.

To her right across the street is a family who has seen just how alone G. G. was, and Susan saw she was at the end of her road, so to say. They had never spoken, but while chasing her puppy through her yard she found her crying. G. G. was just taking a last look at her yard and saying goodbye. She walked up, saw her pain, and she just knew that she could not leave her alone. They became friends, needless to say—she saved her life. Literally she saved her soul. She was slowly introduced to her family and extended family, and she became auntie or simply loved.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 92