Shades Of Love: Poetry Of Life And Love Lost And Found

By Haviv Elana Trocki-Videll
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While others may write their thoughts in a diary, after a great date or horrific fight with friends and loved ones, Haviv Elana Trocki-Videll has written and continues to write poems inspired by her experiences.

Shades of Love... is a book of 18 of these poems, inspired by the ups and downs of her personal experiences in life and love. She chose 18 of her poems for this book because the number 18 signifies life and also because she wanted to remind readers that in life we experience many shades of love (romantic, be it unrequited or reciprocal, platonic, unconditional, personal, even hatred is a shade of love and not its opposite, as it stems from feeling, caring). Each of these is an equally important experience. That as such, even if you think you have never found love, we have all experienced even romantic love in life. Love, like life, is a journey, not a destination. So one should face all shades of love and life with courage, bravery, and optimism, for love is never really lost.

About the Author

Haviv Elana Trocki=Videll is a attorney, wife, mother, sister, daughter, hopeless romantic, and first time author. She currently lives in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Justin, and daughter, Cylena Ella. She loves spending time with her family, reading novels, singing, dancing, listening to great music, watching great films, and anything that has to do with Hawaii.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32