Faceless Love

By Byron Simmons
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A Faceless Love

Byron Simmons introduces himself to the world through A Faceless Love, a collection of romance poetry written to create a one-in-a-lifetime love story that rarely seems to exist in our modern world. Throughout the forty-one poems, Simmons displays a perfect display of love, with each word being thoughtfully crafted to portray love in its simplest and purest form. Every poem is an ode to the nameless woman he sees in his dreams, the one whom he has yet to find but will, hopefully, one day walk into his life. While he writes his poems to her, he continues to wait, even if it is for eternity, and records all the love he has for her until she arrives.

About the Author

Byron Simmons is a twenty-two-year-old aspiring artist from Las Vegas. After the tragic loss of his grandfather in 2016 and the hardships of life after high school, his mother helped him find his passion in writing with the gift of a journal. As he began experimenting with writing and music, Simmons discovered his love for poetry. A self-proclaimed introvert, Simmons began to take an interest in psychology and began to lose himself; by listening to others he forgot to express his own thoughts. Poetry once again saved him and continues to be a way for Simmons to promote the love inside his heart, spreading it to every soul who reads his works.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 54