Tomorrow Is Always Wednesday

By Brian F. Decker with Lt. Col Mark Halferty (USMC) and Major Gregory Estvander (USMC)
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Tomorrow Is Always Wednesday is a love story that combines the hardships of war and what men and women on both sides had to endure, either in combat or while waiting on the sidelines. Follow a group of friends just trying to survive the war, a young man trying to return to his family in Japan, and a young woman trying to discover her grandfather’s legacy. This book is for all; but is dedicated to the memory of the young men who never got to grow old and those that did, but have the memories of combat burned into them forever.

About the Author

Brian F. Decker has never served in the armed forces, but has been passionate about history of all time periods since he was a child. He has attained degrees in Molecular and Cell Biology and Neuropharmacology and has twenty years of experience in that field. He now performs residential and commercial inspections and owns his own company.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 120