Through The Fire

By Nancy Rudisill
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Through the Fire is a historical romance novel. Readers will be touched by the struggles of a recently discharged veteran who is dealing with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and is trying to find his way back into civilian life. Sean is fighting a battle of courage on the home front this time, but he knows all too well that victory is hard won.

Through the Fire is dedicated to those who deal with mental illness of any kind on a daily basis and is a homage to their courage.

About the Author

Nancy Rudisill worked as a secretary for a veterans’ organization and then went to school and worked as a nurse in a variety of specialties including psychiatry and pediatrics.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 258

Customer Reviews

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Virginia Hickle
Through the Fire

I will admit this is not usually the type of book I read, I usually read crime novels or romance. This book was recommended so I thought I would give it a read. I don’t know much about PTSD, but I found the book to be well written and believable. The book also helped me understand what our service men and woman go through serving our country, as well as civilians who suffer from mental disorders. The story is written from the soldier’s point of view and is a captivating read. I would definitely recommend this book to others to read.


I thought the way the story was told from a soldiers point of view was an accurate description of post-traumatic stress disorder. And readers will understand what it really means. I enjoyed the book very much

R. H. Patterson, US Army 1978-1999
Through The Fire

"Through the Fire." is a captivating story told from a soldier's point of view. She brings focus through her writing the saga of Post Traumatic Stress and survival. There was times this reader was taken to places wantonly forgotten.