The Locked Trunk

By Judy Elizabeth Bus
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Living a sheltered, shy life, Linda has only two friends through the years: Jared, her high school crush and, later in life, Bonnie, a member of the Mormon church.

Despite the closeness she feels for young Jared, he breaks her heart by marrying another girl, no explanation, nothing. In a rebound relationship, Linda grows close to Russell, marries him, and they raise their daughter, Amber. The Locked Trunk holds two love stories and a devasting secret, following Linda as she navigates a broken heart, a comforted heart, and new beginnings with the possibility of rebirth in a new love and faith.

About the Author

Judy Elizabeth Busby lives with her sister, Dana, in Owensboro, Kentucky. They enjoy going to the senior center to exercise, play cards, and play bingo and have lunch with many of Their new friends.

At home they play cards and board games, watch TV, and several times a week, they go out to eat. Busby writes novels, poetry, and short stories. She has taken five semesters of Creative Writing at Mesa College in San Diego, California where she lived for fifty years. She also crochets flowers and glues them to a canvas to make pictures to hang on the wall. In her spare time, Busby plays computer games. She especially likes ones that have hidden objects. She has built five computers and likes building things using saws and hammers. Busby just turned seventy-eight in August of 2021.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32