Southern Steel

By   Sherrie H. Coombs
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Determined to live out her late father’s dreams, Sydney James has achieved the ultimate success in education and in the world of engine design. Independent, laser-focused, and determined, she lives a lonely life, believing that the key to her success is self-sufficiency. How else is she supposed to survive in the male-dominated industry of her chosen profession?

One day, after her car breaks down, Sydney meets Doug, the greasy mechanic at the nearest automobile supply store, and he makes quite an impression. Not necessarily a good first impression, but an impression nonetheless. Little does she know that he may well change the trajectory of her life, for better or worse.

About the Author

A lover of all dogs, Sherrie H. Coombs is an animal activist and volunteer with the Humane Educational Society. Married to Jim, mother to Brad and Jordan, and most importantly grandmother to Kynnedi, Maddie, Journee, and Weston, she has a large lovely family, including her rescued fur babies, Molly and Jezebel. 

Published: 2021
Page Count: 152