Shared Moments With You

By Veronica H. Jones
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They say opposites attract. When beautiful, caramel-colored, dark-haired Vanessa first makes eye contact with handsome, fair-skinned, red-haired Craig in the coffee shop, she is immediately attracted. Presently the only one Vanessa completely trusts is Duke, her dog who loves and protects her unconditionally. Craig, however, is like no other man Vanessa has ever met. Is he her Mr. Right? Can Vanessa let go of her past hurts and learn to trust that Craig will never deliberately hurt her? Just when Vanessa is about to let go of her past and focus on a future with Craig, her past returns to haunt her and Craigs past and secrets are revealed. Will she be able to trust Craig enough to confide in him completely, not only with her past, but with her heart, and if she does, what price will they pay for true happiness?

About the Author

Veronica H. Jones holds a BS in nursing and works as a certified rehabilitation registered nurse. She is married and resides in Texas. Veronica started writing stories to pass the time while she was at home. Her novel, Shared Moments With You, is the culmination of her favorite characters interacting with each other. In her free time when she is not writing, Veronica enjoys cooking and poker.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 92