Oaklawn Legacy

By Lainie Montgomery
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Joy and despair follow the bewitching Rania Cameron throughout her young life, but this is just part of the tapestry of love, deception, and secrets that comprises Oaklawn Legacy. Scottish aristocrat Andrew McLain arrives in this antebellum South intending only to attend to the transition of his uncles plantation estate after his death. However, his life becomes irrevocably bound to Ranias as war, disease, and prejudice threaten the holdings of their neighboring estates. Despite marrying her true love Jeremy Leighton, Rania finds her heart also belongs to Andrew. In the midst of Civil War and the challenges of the Reconstruction, Rania struggles to maintain the families plantations, overcome prejudice, honor family ties, and remain true to heart, despite its uncertainty. Spanning twenty years, Oaklawn Legacy is a story of ambition, loyalty, passion, revenge, human nature, and destiny in which the characters are defined as much by circumstance and fate as by their own free will.

About the Author

Lainie Montgomery is a lifelong Ohio resident who holds her bachelors and masters degrees in education from Ohio University. A curriculum administrator, she has two grown children, Joe and Shannon. In addition to genealogical research, Montgomery enjoys traveling with her husband, Charles, reading, and writing and has written several childrens books.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 240