Last Of The Usurpers

By William Seale J.R.
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The Usurpers were once a powerful race of fighters with magic flowing through their veins, making them stronger, faster, and far more durable, but at a price.

Last of the Usurpers follows Argent, a man believed to be a myth, a legendary Usurper who was responsible for the death of the Dragons, as he journeys to save his daughter from the hands of her captor. A tale of love and the lengths parents will go to save their children, this edge-of-your-seat read is a thrilling, fantastical commentary on the nature of love, the way it is quick to grow and then deeply rooted.

About the Author

William Seale J.R. loves fantasy. Magic is everything to him, and he does not mean just the kind in books and movies. Ever since he was five, he was able to imagine stories in an instant. Growing up with dyslexia, it made reading difficult to enjoy, and you can forget about writing. It was not until he picked up his favorite book and became deeply captivated that he realized his love of stories would push him through.

Despite growing up without any extended family, he has made his family from all of his close friends, all of whom supported and pushed him to realize his dream. Magic is in everything; you just have to be willing to see it.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 402

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Tamra Marshall
Amazing first offering.

Highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys this genre. The author has a style of writing that sucks you right in and leaves you wanting more.